Apobiy - "Chu-ko-nu" Handmade Micro Repeating Toy Cross bow DIY Kit - Toothpick Shooter Executive Desk Gift
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"Chu-ko-nu" Handmade Micro Repeating Toy Cross bow DIY Kit - Toothpick Shooter Executive Desk Gift
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Build a micro toy "Chu Ko Nu" that uses toothpicks as micro toy arrows.

With this DIY assembly kit, you will have a working mini toothpick repeating toy crossbow within about 1 hour of build time (most of it is waiting for the glue to dry).

Machined in the USA, and assembled by you ? the repeating crossbow is engineered with one thing in mind? FUN!

Each Chinese repeating toy crossbow or ?Chu-ko-nu? comes with written instructions, as well as a special link that teaches you how to do the assembly watching OTS (over the shoulder) videos of the co-creators Jerry and Chris.

Assembly Tips from my 12-year-old son:

? Watch the assembly video all the way through first and then start the build.

? Use actual wood glue. Elmer's school glue seems to not dry fast enough.

? Follow this instruction about how much glue. Too much might mess it up.

? Be patient and let the glue actually dry before continuing each section.

? Wear safety glasses when using it as the toothpicks tend to bounce off stuff.

? Don't point at your sister (actually Mom's tip).

? Use a Styrofoam cup or playdough as a target. Lots of fun.

Since these are assembled by you they can not be returned. The building is more than half the fun with these.

These are very small and fun. See the photos. The quarters in the video show scale and are not included in the sale.

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